Use Benchmark Estimating Software anywhere, anytime on any device 

Benchmark Cloud is the solution to any company wanting estimating software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device with 99.5% guaranteed availability. Operating via an Oracle database, Benchmark Cloud delivers a user experience that is flexible to any sized organisation and ensures your data is secure.  We essentially become your IT as we take over management of your servers & database backups and automatically upgrade your Benchmark Estimating Software. Discover more about these benefits below.

Cut in-house IT costs

Cloud computing has many benefits; the #1 for many is a reduction in the costs and time taken to set up and maintain internal IT infrastructure. With Benchmark Cloud, we maintain the infrastructure and take care of your database backups, Benchmark Estimating Software upgrades and server upgrades. You also don’t need to worry about the cost of database software licences or administering security patches.

Leading edge technology delivers premium user experience

Your Benchmark data will be stored in an Oracle database which provides world-leading scalability, improved speed and security features, as well as more effective processing power when operating in the multi-user format. High speed data storage, adaptive flash array technology and solid state drives (SSD’s) all contribute to the amazing Benchmark Cloud experience.

Access Benchmark anywhere from a web browser

You can access Benchmark Estimating Software anywhere you have an internet connection in the world. Available on any device via a web browser, Benchmark Cloud makes managers, estimators, project managers and executives more mobile and efficient with 99.5% guaranteed availability.

Effective data security

Protecting your company’s information is critical in today’s world. Benchmark’s Cloud security features are cutting edge and are proven to deliver on the most stringent of security needs of government and major corporate organisations. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your estimating data and system will be guaranteed using the Benchmark Cloud solution. Access to the application and data can be controlled through multiple means, and advanced backup and disaster recovery features are available to protect you when you need it the most.

Flexible to suit any organisation

Benchmark’s Cloud suits small companies through to major organisations. For larger corporates and government we can even customise your cloud environment with numerous options including your very own private cloud and more advanced disaster recovery if needed.

Leverage the Benchmark Cloud for other applications

If you are struggling to host other business applications, the Benchmark Cloud offering can be used for more than just Benchmark Estimating Software. We can organise for your other business applications to also be hosted within the Benchmark Cloud service. This gives your company and people a more consistent method of accessing and controlling access to all of your applications, from one simple web portal interface.

See what our Cloud clients say

The Benchmark Cloud is very robust, and the process to migrate from on-premise to the Cloud was seamless and caused little to no disruption to our operations.

David Freedman, DirectorQuadracon, NSW, Australia

We are already using Benchmark’s Cloud and are extremely happy with its performance and connectivity. I used the cloud version whilst tethering my phone in a tunnel on a train; the system ran perfectly without interruptions!

Nick Black, Senior EstimatorMIEngineers, NSW, Australia

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