Water and Sewer

In the Water and Sewer industry, Contractors and Water Authorities are faced with a diverse range of conditions as well as the enormous array of materials that may be required in order to complete a Project.

Benchmark Estimating Software helps you to tackle these challenges and more by offering you a powerful Library based system that is easy to use,
but most importantly very flexible to help you produce accurate prices for any type of project.

The central Resource and Item Libraries store all of your standard products and services in a systematic way so that your estimating is much more organised, consistent and accurate. Price lists from Suppliers can be imported electronically to ensure your quotes are always up to date, and you can capture your standard “Production Rates”, common “Variables” and methods of construction in the Item Library for optimum convenience and consistency when pricing jobs.

When preparing quotes, the powerful user defined “Variables” feature allows you to quickly change aspects like trench depths/widths or wastage to make your estimating much faster, relevant to the site and therefore more accurate.

The “Routines” feature is also a powerful tool for the Water and Sewer estimator. Routines can dramatically improve the speed of producing estimates for common Water/Sewer tasks. Benchmark Estimating Software’s unique “Water Estimator” product even includes pre-written Routines for Sewer Main Construction/Renewal, Water Main Construction/Renewal and Pumping Stations. These Routines have been developed in conjunction with Water Industry experts.

key features for water and sewer industry


    Easy to price water and sewer work in minutes – Great for concept estimates or repetitive, smaller tasks.


    Build estimates for larger water maintenance bids faster than ever before.


    Easy to produce with a range of reports; available to allow better management of the billing process.


    Create a gantt chart automatically and directly from your estimate – Saves time and improves project management.

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Outstanding implementation support

“Benchmark’s support with implementation has been brilliant. They have assisted us with implementation into our business systems and have also helped with project management for this task. Added to this, the software’s ability to link with our other systems is vital for proficient operations. We can also see great benefits in Routines, as we are able to price water or sewage pipelines and pumping stations by simply answering 7 or 8 questions regarding the job.”

Brendan Guiney, Director, Water ServicesMidCoast Water, Forster NSW Australia

Benchmark Estimating Software’s Progress Claim Feature is fantastic

“Benchmark’s Progress Claim feature is fantastic. Using our previous spreadsheet system, producing different claims for the different jobs we have running at the one time, took many hours and was fraught with potential errors. Benchmark’s Progress Claim feature makes our Claims process a lot more efficient and eliminates the possibility of mistakes. It works really well for us that’s for sure.”

Claudine McBeath, Financial Controller / QA ManagerEire Constructions, Port Macquarie NSW Australia

Produce accurate winning estimates in a short time

“Because we can have multiple estimators working concurrently on a project, we are able to produce accurate winning estimates in a very short time”.

Michael Trumm, National Estimating ManagerAbergeldie, Regents Park NSW Australia

Tracks the changes between various project stages

“Benchmark checks the differences and tracks the changes between various project stages (i.e. design and delivery), which is a feature that you can’t do with some of the other estimating products.”

Peter Gill, National Infrastructure ManagerWT Partnership, Sydney NSW Australia