Benchmark Estimating Software offers contractors and authorities alike a powerful rail estimating solution that solves your most complex challenges

meeting the challenges faced by rail companies while increasing efficiency productivity profitability consistency accuracy

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The software is very easy to use and offers you flexible methods of estimating including parametric models, routines and three-point estimates. These apply not only to construction but also apply to maintenance projects.

Whether you are building new rail or maintaining an existing network, preparing accurate and transparent estimates is not an easy task.  Rail projects involve many different disciplines including civil works, track work, tunnels, bridges, structures, signalling and ICT. Organisations involved in rail projects need an estimating system that is adaptable to many disciplines, and also one that ensures that your estimates contain sufficient detail and transparency.

Our estimating solutions are also developed on the award winning Microsoft .NET platform and support two of the world’s leading database systems – Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.  This means maximum performance for your end users and also ensures that your rail estimates are stored in a robust and secure manner.

Our company and sister companies also have a wealth of experience in the estimating and scheduling of rail projects and this experience permeates through the features of our estimating software solution.

Key Features of the Rail Industry


    Stores your standard rates for improved accountability & greater accuracy and consistency in your estimates.


    More accurate picture of the potential price variations for capital projects and programmes.


    Set up different rates for the different regions you operate in; centralise your bid data and reporting.


    Build estimates for larger road maintenance bids faster than ever before.


    Save time on sourcing, analysing and comparing quotes from subcontractors; automatic updates of your estimate with the subcontractor’s or supplier’s price.

Hear what our clients have to say

Generate faster and more consistent estimates

“This training helped us to understand all the features and benefits of Benchmark Estimating Software. We are very excited to start using the software, so we can generate faster and more consistent estimates for our railway infrastructure projects.”

Silviu Tronaru, Director Comercial Adjunct / Deputy Commercial DirectorISAF S.A / COLAS RAIL, Bucharest, Romania

A great tool for rail estimates

“I recently used Benchmark Estimating Software on complex rail project in Newcastle, NSW Australia. I was amazed at the ease with which I could adjust my standard items, stored within the Benchmark item library, to match the production rates and crew sizes required for this unique project. The flexibility and power of Benchmark allowed more time to focus on getting the price right and less time on the “mechanics” of building up the rates. I strongly recommend Benchmark for estimators in the rail industry.”

Russell Drury, PrincipalCivil Estimating Pty Ltd, Kiama, NSW Australia

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