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meeting the challenges faced by landscaping companies while increasing efficiency productivity profitability consistency accuracy

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Regardless of whether you work on commercial or domestic projects, construction and/or maintenance, Benchmark Estimating Software can help you to streamline many day to day aspects of your landscaping business.

Landscaping Contractors work on very diverse projects where site conditions can vary considerably for each project. With such variation it is critical that you have a flexible and powerful estimating tool to prepare fast, accurate quotes to suit each project, in order to remain profitable and competitive.

Benchmark Estimating Software allows you to price your projects amazingly quickly using various leading edge features like “Routines” and “Auto Allocate”. Allowing for different site conditions is easy with the intuitive user interface, and also by using our Software’s “Production Rate” and “Variable” features.

You can create professional and polished Quotations/Proposals based on your own template designs. And you can generate customised Budget reports at the click of a button to handover to Site Supervisors and ensure Projects run to time/budget.

With the ability to produce Progress Claims easily, price Variations and generate Variation Approval forms, Benchmark Estimating Software truly is an ideal solution for the professional Landscaping company.

key features for the landscaping industry


    Creates quote templates in MS Word and automatically exports your estimate data to these templates; for consistent, professionally-presented quotes for your clients.


    Easy import of your client’s bill of quantities directly from an Excel spreadsheet; saves time and eliminates typing errors.


    Set up different rates for the different regions you operate in; centralise your bid data and reporting.

Here what our clients have to say

More consistent estimating

“Glendale’s existing comprehensive lists of items and rates was made much more accessible and consistent using the Library database function in Benchmark [Estimating Software].”

Mike Dennys, Chief Estimator and Contracts ManagerGlendale, Exeter, England

Maximising profit and be more competitive

“We can make adjustments to our estimates in the future to maximise our profitability. Benchmark has saved me so much time and money. Overall, Benchmark [Estimating Software] has given me greater control of our costs; it makes our estimates, and Stone Will as a whole, much more competitive.”

David Black, OwnerStone Will, Seven Hills, NSW, Australia

Control projects and analyse estimate versus actual figures

“The Project Review Export to Excel enables us to follow our actual costs from start to finish, which will help us to both control our projects, and to give us an analysis of our estimate versus our actual figures.”

James Simpson-Lee, ProprietorIntegral Landscapes, Hornsby NSW Australia

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